Water Storage and Treatment Facilities Custom Made For Your Business Needs

Upon discovery of the Marcellus Shale, RES Water opened a custom-designed plant for the treatment of the metal, oils, and salts associated with the wastewaters generated from the gas drilling procedure.

This dedicated frac water treatment plant was built at the former site of the Sony American Video Glass plant located at the intersection of I-70 and the PA Turnpike near New Stanton, PA. This 30,000 barrel/day facility is a fully integrated plant consisting of various treatment processes custom designed for the oil and gas industry. Available services at this facility include a 238,000 barrel (10 million gallon) storage impoundment, sludge dewatering operations, drilling mud disposal, and a 71,500 barrel (3 million gallon) fresh water supply.

At this same location, RES Water Transfer is a fully integrated trucking company consisting of 15 bottle trucks, pull trucks, and a maintenance shop providing independent water transportation and delivery of treated flowback and fracking water.

In 2013, RES Water built a custom-designed plant located in Renfrew, PA positioned for a current customer. This resulted in a tremendous cost savings with respect to trucking and customized treatment. This 10,000 barrel/day plant located in Butler Country provides a continuous reliable source of treated water for recycle.

RES Water continues to work on expansion. Currently, RES has an additional permitted facility and is currently looking at multiple other locations to locate commercial facilities.

We continue to grow our business by offering specialized services such as sludge dewatering, TENORM waste disposal, hydrocarbon management, and customized heavy brine solutions. Our company can offer turn-key solutions for water management and all your waste needs.

Please call our corporate headquarters at 412-221-2034 for all inquiries.