Reserved Environmental Services is a Zero Liquid Discharge Facility – 100% of Treated Water Returned to the Field.

Frac & Production Wastewater Treatment and Recycling - 30,000 Barrel Per Day Capacity – 30 Minute Recycle Time Turnaround

• Recycling of Frac, Drilling and Production Water
• Metals Removal, pH Adjustment and Filtration
• Barium, Strontium, Iron and Suspended Solids Removal
• Bacteria Elimination and Prevention
• Sludge Handling, Dewatering and Disposal

Fresh Water Source – 70,000 BPD
• Water Disposal and Recycling Services
• Water Treated to Meet Customer Specifications
• Analytical Reporting of Return Water Quality
• PA DEP Permitted Central Waste Facility

Reserved Environmental Services, LLC
RES Water Transfer

1119 Old State Route 119
Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666

RES Water – Butler, LLC
215 Hicks Road
Renfrew, PA 16053